Tuesday, 11 April 2017


Morning everyone

Well as some of you know last weekend was Onstage Live in Amsterdam, which is why I have been quiet for a few days. It was my 1st Onstage Live and I had a blast!!!!

Here are a few piccies, the quality of which I apologise for in advance, I was trying to take them in my hotel room at the last minute.

These are my swaps

Next up my team gifts

I put 2 teabags into each one but you could put a chocolate or other small items inside. I opted for teabags because I needed something flat and light as I only took a flight bag on the plane. Here is a picture from the side

I Case'd the idea from Meg Loven a Demonstrator over in America. They looked really cute.
Next up a picture of some of my team, we are Royal Stampers & we have such fun together.
Check out the Pom Poms... which actually served quite a good purpose, we could always locate each other in a room with around a thousand people in it.

Last up is a picture of myself and Jane Harry, another teamie "striking a pose".

Hope you have enjoyed this little sneak peek into Stampin' Up Onstage Live Amsterdam 2017. I can't wait for the next one!!!

Happy Stamping!

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